3D CAD How-tos: What to Know when Teaching


Technology is constantly moving and changing. With that comes a need to teach others new information within the industry. Those who are able to empower and teach others not only help people, but give them a skill to use within the industry. In order to better teach and communicate CAD skills here are some resources to keep in your toolbox.

1. Utilize all your resources. Now we have YouTube, Walkthrough Websites, Blogs, and other online resources. This video series has been watched over 1 million times. This starts users at a beginner level and offers high level walkthroughs and tutorials. There is also this Skillshare available to leverage also.

2. Audience is key. When you are trying to teach others it is important to understand your audience and what they are looking to learn. According to Forbes the audience for CAD is changing from students and traditional occupations to designers that are hobbyists according to this Forbes article, “existing market itself has undergone a rapid evolution due to cloud, social and mobile technology. In the process, audiences for design software have changed from broadly technical to hobbyists”. With this ever changing environment it is important to understand who it is you are talking to.

3. Best software? There are so many options out there to design with. You want to keep your software relevant to your audience. So depending on who you are teaching you will need to change your type of software. Good thing is that there are always guides and tutorials online if ever you doubt which direction you are headed. In order to truly bring value to those you are teaching you need to offer expertise and tips when using software.

4. Keep people informed by understanding where the market is going. You may want to teach based where the market is going. According to Business Wire, “research study states that companies prefer to use cloud-based CAD software”.

5. Many methods should be used to help reinforce what people are learning. You must use different forms of communication when teaching. Use a variety of materials including reading, visuals and communication to maximize retention in your students. According to About Health it is important to use multiple methods.

3D CAD design is always changing and growing. For example, 3D printers at home allow users to create and design their own products. The Thingiverse is a design catalog of sorts where users can create and re-create designs and share ideas. Whether you are teaching specific software or multiple types of software it is important to bring value your students. By coming prepared with an understanding of the software and its current environment that you will be teaching you will better prepare your students and provide them with a high quality understanding.