3 Problems with Buying Cheap Jewelry


There’s nothing more thrilling than finding a good deal, especially when it comes to cute jewelry. Jewelry can be so extraordinarily expensive that when we find an affordable piece we feel tempted to hand over our credit card right away.

However, cheap jewelry comes with a host of issues from health complications to ethical problems. That’s why we’ve broken down three reasons that you should avoid buying cheap jewelry.

Inferior Quality

Does that $20 gold necklace seem too good to be true? It probably is. When it comes to the jewelry industry, materials have certain price standards. For instance, the price of gold is always consistent across the world. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely that someone is selling a new piece of gold for such a low price.

Counterfeit jewelry is made using knock-off materials that are not built to last. By the time that you realize that the materials are fake, it’s often too late to return the item.

Even jewelry that openly uses cheap materials poses a real problem. Unlike materials like silver and gem stones, materials used to make cheap jewelry are vulnerable to wear and damage. A beautiful cocktail ring that uses a nickel band is likely to warp, bend and get scratched easily.

Quality jewelry is an investment. As time goes on, your good pieces will be worth more money. It’s better to invest in a few high quality pieces of jewelry than several pieces that won’t last through a year of wear.

Ethical Issues

If a company is selling attractive jewelry for astonishingly low prices, do some research about the company before handing over your cash. It’s possible that these prices are so low because the company engages in child labor. Child labor still exists in many parts of the world and is highly unethical. Children who work for companies that engage in these practices are often paid next to nothing for devoting hours of work to producing the company’s items. Because the company is paying their employees such low wages, they are able to keep prices incredibly low.

Allergic Reactions

Your cheap jewelry may cause you to break out in a rash. That’s because many cheap jewelry contains nickel as an inexpensive alternative to more expensive metals. Nickel can cause the skin to break out in anĀ allergic reaction. Skin that is allergic to nickel can even severely blister within 12 hours of exposure, making the body vulnerable to infection.

In addition to nickel, copper and brass can also cause allergic reactions.

Before you think about blowing some money on cheap jewelry, consider these problems before opening up your wallet. When it comes to jewelry, quality should always come first.