3 Major Questions to Ask Any Commercial Roofing Contractor


When searching for a contractor to install a commercial roof there are many factors to consider. Doing research will assure that you can make a good choice when choosing the right company.

1. Background Check

Choosing an established contractor is essential to obtaining a well-built roof that will last for many years. Things to look for are:

• Certification

Check with your state’s Department of Licensing and Regulations. This will assure that you’re having someone who is a professional. In addition, there are sites on the internet that show any complaints that have been filed against a specific company.

• Memberships

Ask the contractor the name of local, state, regional or national roofing industry associations in which they have membership. Membership in the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) is a good indication of a qualified contractor.

• Licensing and insurance

Any contractor hired should be checked for state approved licensing. This can easily be done with your State Department of Professional Regulation or Licensing Board via the internet.

Insist on seeing insurance papers regarding general liability and worker’s compensation. This is extremely important as, if they do not have this insurance, you may be responsible if there is an accident on the job.

• Business History

It is important that the person you hire to build your roof is well established in the community. They should have a permanent address, tax identification number, a telephone number and business license (if required). Ask friends and others for information.

2. Type of Roofing

Today it is possible to select from a number of options regarding commercial roofing. A few of these include:

• Flat Roof Installation

Single ply flat roofing can be mechanically attached or fully adhered. Fully adhered involves gluing a membrane directly to the roof floor or to the insulation. Mechanically, the membrane is attached to the roof deck with roofing screws.

• Spray-on Roof

Spray Foam Insulation is sprayed directly onto the roof floor and then coated with a urethane or acrylic coating. This is followed by a layer of either crushed stones or sand.

• Cool Roof

Cool roofs have either white or light colors. This type of roof absorbs less sunlight, therefore transmitting less heat into the building.

3. Cost of Materials and Warranty

There is a wide range of cost in building materials. For a flat roof, excluding insulation, costs are quoted from $1.50 per square foot to $1.90 per square foot.

Cool roof costs are reported as being approximately the same as regular roofing. Spray on roofing, including supplies and labor, is estimated from $1.19 average per square foot to $2.21 average per square foot depending on the quality.

• Warranty

Do not be afraid to take time to read the warranty carefully. Some require that you have roof maintenance or the warranty is void. There are also contractor-manufacturer warranties and manufacturer-materials only warranties with specific regulations.

Having a good, reliable contractor install a roof will insure keeping the building free from bad weather conditions. This will provide many years of comfort for you and other occupants.