3 Ideas to Help Diminish Racism Among Your Employees


Racism and ethnic-based prejudice among employees affects the personnel relationships and can limit productivity, workers output and profitability. Any reports about racism in your company will earn your organization a negative reputation. To avoid any irreparable damage arising from racial intolerance, you should work to eliminate workplace discrimination and racism of all forms.

Savvy corporate managers can use the following workplace programs to reduce racism:

Fair Recruitment

There are several steps that organizations can take to diminish institutional racism. As proposed in the Fair Employment Protection Act of 2012, removing the barriers that certain communities face when seeking employment would go a long way in promoting racial acceptability. The U.S. Fair Pay Act of 2013 that seeks to prohibit using nation of origin, sex, or race to determine pay is another very good policy that can help diminish racism among your employees.

To combat racism at the workplace, there has even been the suggestion to increase severe financial penalties on companies that practice racist labor practices. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission would then have powers and funding to enable the effective censoring of businesses that engage in racial discrimination.
Also, companies should develop a staffing policy that encourages diversity at the workplace. Sometimes, a racist attitude may result from lack of contact with people from different races. Widening the ethnic backgrounds staff recruiters will help to easily identify talent from qualified applicants irrespective of religion, race, or gender.

Internal Company Policy

By developing internal company rules against xenophobia, companies will eventually create zero tolerance against racial bias. The workplace programs would all be in line with the American civil rights laws. In deed, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, as well as many federal employment laws all talk about racial bias.

Companies that want to have policies, philosophy, and values to promote a peaceful co-existence among workers of different cultures may list the anti-racism rules in brochures. Any violations of the workplace rules would possibly be followed by disciplinary actions, suspension, or termination depending on the severity of the racist act.

Training and Creating Awareness

Nothing can nurture tolerance and mutual understanding better than giving your employees knowledge about the cultures of their workmates. Diversity awareness training that includes an exposure to the employment law, the consequences of racism, and improving workplace relations creates mutual respect and acceptance of diverse cultures, religions, and the opposite gender.

The Behavior of Managers

If the goal in your company is to create an environment in which all workers’ contributions gain appreciation, the leadership must lead by example. The company leaders should regard all employees with respect the cultural background, physical attributes, and place of origin notwithstanding.